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  • mars 9th, 2023
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Do I have to opt in every week to qualify? No, you only have to opt in once – then you are in the Free Bet Club for life.
Don’t worry it’s not too late, you can still OPT IN HERE.
When will I receive my Free Bets? The Free Bet Club week runs from 00:00 BST on Saturday until 23:59 BST Friday. Your first €5 Free Bet will be credited at 12:00 BST on the following Saturday, with the second €5 Free Bet credited at 14:00 BST on the following Monday.
Are all sports eligible for Free Bet Club? All sports apart from eSports are eligible. Cross-sport multiples are eligible as well – for example, you could place a treble with selections from basketball, tennis and cricket which would qualify.
What bet types qualify for Free Bet Club? All multiple and Bet Builder bets with three or more selections at combined odds of at least 2/1 (3.00) will qualify for Free Bet Club. All markets are eligible, except enhanced price offers and Betway Boosts.
Can I track my wagering progress? Yes, you can track your progress on desktop and mobile (logged in).

On desktop, you can view the progress bar just below your username.


On mobile, select ‘Free Bet Club’ from the menu and you’ll be presented with the progress bar.

How long are my Free Bets valid for? The first €5 Free Bet (credited at Saturday 12:00 BST) is valid until Monday 12:00 BST of the following week. The second €5 Free Bet (credited at Monday 14:00 BST) is valid until Friday 14:00 BST.

Do I have to place one €25 multiple each week to qualify? No, you can bet €25 in whatever increments you like – so that could be 1x €25 bet or 25x €1 bets. As long as you have placed €25 in qualifying multiples that have been settled by Friday 23:59 BST, you’ll receive your Free Bets.

What happens if I miss a week of Free Bet Club? If you miss a week, don’t worry – you’re still in the Free Bet Club. Remember, once you’ve opted in, you’re in for life. Simply place your €25 in qualifying multiples again the following week to get your €10 in Free Bets as normal.

Do cashed out bets qualify for Free Bet Club? No, cashed out bets will not qualify for Free Bet Club.
When does a Free Bet Club week run? A Free Bet Club week runs from Saturday 00:00 BST until the following Friday 23:59 BST. All qualifying bets settled in this time will count towards your weekly total.
I’ve bet on a multiple which settles in two weeks’ time. Does this qualify for Free Bet Club? Bets must be settled between Saturday 00:00 BST and Friday 23:59 BST to count towards Free Bet Club for that particular week. As long as the multiple meets the qualifying criteria, it will qualify towards your total for the week it is settled, not the week it is placed.



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