Blog / The Kickoff of the Asian Qualifiers: The dream road to the World Cup

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The Asian continent will be represented in the 2026 World Cup by eight teams, with the possibility of expanding to nine teams pending the outcome of the global playoff.

The second round includes 36 teams divided into 9 groups, each of which includes four teams. The competition unfolds in two stages, spanning from November 2023 to June 2024.

The top two teams from each group qualify for the third round of the World Cup qualifiers, and at the same time, reserve their places in the 2027 Asian Cup in Saudi Arabia.

The draw for the third round of World Cup qualifiers will be held in 2024, where the 18 qualifying teams will be divided into three groups of six teams. The top two teams from each group earn a direct ticket to the World Cup. Meanwhile, the remaining two direct seats for the Asian continent will be determined through the fourth round in a continental playoff. An extra opportunity will be available through a fifth round in the global playoff.

The following is the schedule for the first phase of the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup Finals, all times in GMT:

Thursday 16 November (GMT)

The First Group:
• 15:45: Qatar – Afghanistan
• 16:30: Kuwait – India

The Second Group:
• 10:00: Japan – Myanmar
• 17:00: Syria – North Korea

The Third Group:
• 11:00: South Korea – Singapore
• 12:30: Thailand – China

The Fourth Group:
• 13:00: Malaysia – Kyrgyzstan
• 15:00: Oman – Taiwan

The Fifth Group:
• 14:00: Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan
• 14:30: Iran – Hong Kong

The Sixth Group:
• 11:00: Philippines – Vietnam
• 14:45: Iraq – Indonesia

The Seventh Group:
• 13:00: Tajikistan – Jordan
• 16:30: Saudi Arabia – Pakistan

The Eighth Group:
• 15:45: UAE – Nepal
• 18:00: Yemen – Bahrain

The Ninth Group:
• 09:00: Australia – Bangladesh
• 14:00: Lebanon – Palestine

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